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Gun violence has become an epidemic in our country, claiming more than 31,000 lives every year. In King County alone, more people die every year from gun violence than from motor vehicle collisions. This violence takes an enormous emotional and financial toll on victims  and their families. Between 2007 and 2011, the estimated annual cost of firearms deaths and hospitalizations in King County was $177 million.

It doesn't have to be this way.

In the past 20 years, our nation has come together to make our roads and public spaces safer, equipping cars with seatbelts, airbags and child seats, and changing the social norms around tobacco use, especially among children.

Washington Ceasefire wants to change the social norms and conversation about guns in our city. You can help by registering your business as a "Gun Free Zone."

How to sign up

Registering your business is easy. Fill out the form below and then download and print off a sign to put in your window.

If you have any questions, contact Washington Ceasefire, or call (206) 972-1952

Download a Gun Free Zone sign and hang it in your window: option1  option 2  option 3



Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal for private businesses to prohibit guns on their property?
In general, yes, private property owners may establish reasonable rules and conditions for people who wish to enter or remain upon the property.  This may include a rule prohibiting civilians from carrying firearms on the premises.


What do I do if a civilian enters my property with a gun?
If you feel comfortable, you can ask if they saw your sign, but use your better judgment.  In general, you should call the police. The property owner or a representative must be present to direct police to remove someone from the property. 


Are police officers and law enforcement officers exempt?  
Yes. Any law enforcement officer of the federal, state, or local government agency is exempt. 


Does this exclusion include individuals carrying guns with a Washington State Concealed Pistol license?


How does this interact with the City’s new criminal trespass program?
The two are separate. You can be a part of the criminal trespass program and be a gun free zone, or you can be a part of the criminal trespass program and choose to not exclude guns. It’s up to you as a private property owner.
For more information on criminal trespass go to:


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